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Report by Mrs. Tokia SAIFI "Textiles and clothing after 2005" - Explanation of votes


Explanation of votes (in writing)
Report by Mrs. Tokia SAIFI "Textiles and clothing after 2005"
EP Plenary Session
September 6, 2005

The "Report on textiles and clothing after 2005" is a very important document to my country, Lithuania, where textile and clothing has a long tradition and the number of people employed is remarkable, so I voted to call on the Commission and the Council to take serious steps and implement effective measures to meet the challenges the EU textile and clothing industry face in 2005.

Having in mind, that whereas the Union“s textile and clothing industry consists of small and medium-sized companies and is high labour - intensive, and the Member States may not adopt measures independently, because they have delegated trade policy to the exclusive competence of the EU, I voted to protect European consumers from the counterfeiting textile and clothing  products, and to introduce mandatory origin and company-name labelling for the products in this sector, and that any enterprise wishing to export to the EU must declare its compliance with international social and environmental rights and standards.

We should also guarantee our support for textile and clothing companies using opportunities offered by the EU Structural Funds after 2005 in compliance with the Lisbon strategy goals.