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Budget 2006: Estimates of revenue and expenditure of Parliament

Dombrovskis Report

Speech by Dr.Laima Andrikiene, MEP

EP Plenary Session

Strasbourg, May 11, 2005

Thank you, Mr President.

I would like to concentrate on 3 issues: a) Global level of Parliament's budget; b) Personnel policy; c) Information policy.

What concerns the global level of Parliament's budget, the Secretary-General's proposal had set the level of Parliament's budget at 20% of heading 5, i.e. EUR 1.340 million. I strongly support the Rapporteur's proposal to reduce the appropriations of the contingency reserve by EUR 30 million and enter in the buildings reserve an amount of EUR 10 million. The report also underlines that the level of Parliament's budget should be determined on the basis of justified needs and reminds that cancellation of appropriations should be avoided.

Personnel policy of the European Parliament should be improved. Improvements should be brought to speed up recruitment procedures to fill the 750 unoccupied posts within EP's Administration and to create a truly merit-based promotion system. The report also underlines its concern for the accelerated shift of auxiliary to contract staff and requests detailed information on this issue.

I suggest that we, the EP, should call on the Secretary General to examine ways to mitigate the effects of the abolition of the status of existing auxiliary agents of the political groups who are awaiting the completion of recruitment procedures; call on the Secretary General to present to the Bureau a proposal to modify the Internal Rules on Recruitment adopted by the Bureau on 3rd May 2004, in order to enable Political Groups to benefit from the same provisions which apply to the Parliament's Administration for recruitment.

And last, but not the least is the information policy. The Rapporteur supports improving of the visitor's service and strengthening the role of the external offices. It is underlined that, in order to reach the citizens, communication policy in the Member States should take into account national differences.

And finally I would like to thank Valdis Dombrovskis for an excellent report we are discussing today. Thank you.