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EU Budget 2006 Agreed. Laima Andrikienė MEP

Laima Andrikienė MEP (Lithuania), the EPP-ED Spokesperson on the EU Budget 2006 commenting on the results of the yesterday's Budget Trialogue meeting said:  "I am satisfied that the agreement on the EU Budget 2006 has been reached. Both parties - the European Parliament and the Council - made the numerous compromises, and now we may expect that on December 15 the Budget for the next year will be adopted by the European Parliament".

"The EPP-ED Group may be satisfied by the result of the agreement - our main goals were achieved: in 2006 there will be increased funds allocated for the co-decided programmes for research, SOCRATES, LIFE, SME's, Youth, cultural organisations of Europe. The economic growth, competitiveness, support for the SME's always were and are the main priorities of the EPP-ED" - said Mrs Andrikienė.

"It is very important, that there is an agreement on the use of the flexibility instrument for external policies and new needs (Iraq, countries affected by tsunami, and the consequences of the sugar reform in the ACP countries). 275 million EURO will be allocated to the flexibility instrument, 40 million EURO of which will go to the Common Foreign and Security Policy" - emphasized the Mrs Andrikienė.

"The level for the payment appropriations for 2006 was a very important subject for the negotiations for the European Parliament, and the agreement on 111,969 billions EURO, i.e. 1,01 per cent of GNI, complies the limits of the financial perspective. Therefore it is a positive result. Though the European Parliament in the 1st reading voted for the significantly higher payment appropriations, however, the compromise now reached with the Council is a good ground for the future agreement on the new financial perspective 2007-2013 as well as the EU Budget for 2007", - commented Laima Andrikienė.

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