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13/10/2005: Kaliningrad: The demilitarization is the necessary condition for the further economic and social development of the Kaliningrad district. Dr.L.Andrikienė, MEP (LT)

In the beginning of this week the delegation of the European Parliament has visited Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. The member of the delegation Lithuanian MEP Dr.Laima Andrikienė made the comment on the perspectives of economic and social development of Kaliningrad.  

"The economic and social development of the Kaliningrad district is significantly dependent on the legal system and the investment climate. In order the Kaliningrad district would be attractive for the investors, first of all it is necessary to fight against corruption and the shadow economy as well as adopt and implement the efficient law on the special economic zone of Kaliningrad. The third necessary condition is the demilitarization of this district as it is almost impossible to find investors, who would be interested to make investments in the region full of the army and arms. It is even difficult to dream about the functioning market economy in such regions", underlined L.Andrikienė.

L.Andrikienė said that only then if these conditions will be implemented Kaliningrad district might de facto become the pilot region or even a shining example of the EU and Russia cooperation.

„I agree with the new Governor of the Kaliningrad region G.Boos that if the environmental requirements are ignored it will not be possible to develop the tourism industry. Therefore the waste water treatment systems shall be built in the towns of the region. It is impossible to solve the environmental problems and protect the Baltic Sea only extending the canalization pipe ... further to the Baltic Sea, what we learned during our visit. The modernisation and reconstruction of the waste water treatment systems of the Kaliningrad cellulose factories has to be considered as well, the pollution of the river Nemunas (Nieman) is also a very serious problem. In conclusion, we cannot be yet satisfied by the achievements in the field of the environmental protection, however there are some positive developments", stated L.Andrikienė.

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