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EU Budget for 2006 (Commission Section). Laima Andrikienė MEP

On October 4-6 the Budget committee of the European Parliament has discussed and voted on the distribution of appropriations of payments of the EU budget for 2006, which consists of 120 billions euros. The Members of the European Parliament had expressed the position that the preliminary project for budget drafted the European Commission in spring 2005 does not reflect the real needs of the EU to implement the strategic policies and programs foreseen for the next year; and in July this year the Ministers of the Finance of the EU Member states made the decision to reduce the incomes and expenditures of the EU budget for 2006. In September the MEP's have actively tabled the amendments and discussed the amendments in the different committees of the European Parliament. The 906 amendments were tabled and voted in total.

The Lithuanian MEP and Shadow Rapporteur from the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament dr.Laima Andrikienė had tabled 17 amendments. The 36 amendments she has tabled on behalf of the EPP-ED Group.

This week the Budget committee, which position is decisive in forming the opinion of the European Parliament, in comparison to the Commission's and the Council's suggestions agreed on more financial funds to allocate for the structural measures (structural funds), which are an important instrument in the implementation of the EU cohesion policy (the reducing of the social and economic differences between the Member States and separate regions).

L. Andrikienė has also highlighted the proposals on the higher financial appropriations for the increasing the competitiveness of the European Union, i.e. the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy - the science, research, Universities, European Students' programs as Socrates and Erasmus Mundus, other programs. The Shadow Rapporteur has also made the amendments, which foresee the adjusted financial support for the small and medium size enterprises.

The Budget committee adopted the other amendments by L.Andrikienė on the support for the democratisation of the Belorussia (radio, TV broadcasting from the abroad countries, European University of the Human Sciences in Vilnius). Next week the MEP's will vote in the committee on the new Natural Disaster Fund for the preventive measures and the reducing of the impact by the floods', forests' fires, other natural damages for the economies of the Members States.

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