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Russian actions against Estonia are a matter for the whole of the EU. Laima Liucija Andrikienė MEP (EPP-ED, LT)


Commenting on the recent events in Estonia, Laima Andrikienė MEP said: "The European Union must not be silent when one of its Members, in this case Estonia, is being threatened. The Polish-Russian conflict concerning the meat export to Russia ended thanks to negotiations of the new EU. The result of these negotiations is that the Russian Cooperation Agreement has been frozen. The EU will undoubtedly react to the recent actions against Estonia. The behaviour of the Estonian Government is understandable, acceptable (the decision concerning the relocation of the war victims graves) and justified (the fight against hooliganism and violence). I am convinced that during its' plenary sitting next week, the European Parliament will express its clear and unquestionable position, and this position will not be favoured by Russia. But Russia has brought it on itself."

Laima Andrikienė continued: "EU-Russia relations have never been so bad. Only recently, Russia inspired the conflicts with Poland, regarding the Polish meat export to Russia; Lithuania, Russian crude oil supply to the Mažeikių nafta oil refinery was interrupted after it was purchased by a Polish company; Estonia, regarding the relocation of war victims' graves and the bronze monument of the Soviet soldier from the centre of the city to another location; and the Czech Republic and Poland were threatened regarding the dislocation of the NATO military basis in their territory. The list could go on however it is already clear that Russia is consciously worsening relations with the European Union. We can expect the attempts to divide the EU, and such efforts are already noticeable since the EU decided to expand to the East: 'good' old Member States like Italy, Germany, and 'bad' new Member States like Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, will allegedly make the EU suffer.

"The EU got one more lesson in how to speak with Russia. An embarrassing and unpleasant lesson, but very useful", said Lithuanian MEP.

Laima Andrikienė is a Member of the European Parliament's Committees on Budgets, Foreign Affairs and the Subcommittee on Human Rights, and is Vice-Chairwoman of the Baltic Europe Parliamentary Intergroup.

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