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Press Release: EPP-ED expresses concerns about human rights in Moldova

16/03/2006: EPP-ED expresses concerns about human rights in Moldova

During its Strasbourg Plenary Session, the European Parliament held a debate on human rights abuses in Moldova. Members raised deep concerns over the unresolved conflict between the Moldovan government in Chinisinau and the breakaway region of Transnistria.

"Moldova is part of Europe and deserves our support on its way towards democracy. The serious situation is also caused by Russia. Russia has also failed to fulfil its international obligations to withdraw its troops from Moldova, and it also misuses its resources in the treatment of Moldova", said German MEP Bernd Posselt.

"We urge Russia to stop its support for the breakaway region of Transnistria and immediately withdraw its troops from the country. We condemn the repression and intimidation of representatives of independent media, NGO activists as well as the opposition in the Transnistrian region", said Polish MEP Bogusław Sonik.

There are no democratic elections in Transnistria and harassment, repression and intimidation of independent media still continues. Transnistrian conflict, frozen since 1992, is often described as a 'frontline' in EU-Russia relations. The EU has finally launched a new mission, EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine, contributing a joint action to both countries to fight smuggling and black market trade in the region. This balanced move led Russia to put its 1,100 so-called peacekeepers in Transnistria on alert last week", said Lithuanian MEP Laima Andrikienė during the debate.

In the resolution, the MEPs called on the European Commission and the Council to support the Moldovan authorities with their democratisation process and use of all diplomatic means to weaken the authoritarian and illegal regime in Transnistria.

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